At Right Home Plumbing, Chesterfield, we are bathroom experts and can help you create your perfect bathroom for your budget. When you are thinking of getting a new bathroom installed there are lots of things to consider. Here are the main basic considerations:

  1. Bathroom Suite and Locations

Try to keep your toilet / shower / bath / washbasin etc in the same location as moving them create additional plumbing costs. This is due to the waste water piping and is particular difficult when trying to move a toilet.

  1. Tiling (Walls and Floors)

Tiling is a common way to decorate your bathroom. Consider either tiling the whole bathroom or just the areas near the shower etc. Tiling can be expensive but not tiling parts of your bathroom will often require additional plastering costs.

  1. Lighting and air extraction

Lighting is very important but you will need to consider cost for electrical work. Also air extraction is a good idea but will also require electrical costs and extra time to core the hole required.

  1. Waste Removal

There is a lot of waste when installing a new bathroom. Old tiles and old bathroom suites as well as packaging from all the new items. A small skip is often the best option.

  1. Labour Costs and Time

Bathrooms can take weeks to install and labour for plumbers, plasterers and electricians will take up most of your budget. Remember no matter how cheap your bathroom suite is your labour costs will be the same. A budget bathroom may still cost £5000+….

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